Dlb – dementia with lewy bodies dlb – dementia with lewy bodies dlb – dementia with lewy bodies i had never heard of dlb before my grandfather was diagnosed with it last year. can you use viagra viagra same time I was living in california at the time i got a call from my brother in florida who had been caring for my grandfather for quite some time. viagra canada online His health had been declining and so had his mental faculties. When i got the call from my brother last year he told me that our grandfather had been diagnosed with a disease called dementia with lewy bodies. buy generic viagra online I wanted to see my grandfather before his health declined even further so i found a hotels. generic viagra canada Com discount code and some discount airfare, and they made the trip to florida. What is dlb dlb or dementia with lewy bodies is also known by a variety of other names including lewy body dementia, diffuse lewy body disease, senile dementia of lewy type, and a few others. buy viagra online india The disease is closely associated with parkinson’s disease and alzheimer’s. generic viagra safe not This disease is a progressive form of dementia resulting in a decline in reasoning, thinking and independent function caused by lewy bodies which are clumps of protein deposited on the brain cells over time. what do viagra pills do According to the mayo clinic, lewy body dementia is the second most common type of progressive dementia after alzheimer’s disease. viagra online In addition to the progressive decline in mental abilities, this disease can also cause visual hallucinations causing patients to see shapes, colors, or even people or animals that aren’t there. There have even been cases where there were more complex hallucinations that involved having conversations with deceased family members. viagra side effects muscle pain Signs and symptoms of dlb the specific symptoms of this disease will vary from one person to another but common symptoms include things like a fluctuation in cognitive abilities with significant variations from day-to-day with things like alertness and attention span. buy viagra without prescription Recurring visual hallucinations are a common symptom, observed in about 75% of the people with this disease. buy viagra online india Ot. cheap viagra overnight delivery